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Where have you been all my life?

In today’s world of plug and play, open interfaces and structured protocols, creating software should be a matter of assembling solutions.

And now it is.

VIP provides a canvas where you can call existing processes, chain them together and create new ones to plug into your world.

What is it?

A highly scalable, easy to use rapid application assembly framework.

Think of it as software glue!

VIP lets you:

  • Grab components and design a workflow
  • Run the flows: behind the scenes; in batch or by directly calling them from applications
  • Utilize a vast library of common interfaces
  • Connect into your own systems, via API, databases or messages
  • Run quick build wizards to reduce the time spent building flows
  • Create your own flows to share with others

Why would I use it?

VIP is about speed, consistency, sharing and taking advantage of the growing API world.

VIP will:

  • Let you program a complex problem much faster than if you tried to “code” it
  • Let you quickly become productive without having to be a “deep” techie
  • Provide you with a consistent approach to integration and process control rather than a mixed bag of scripts, code and processes
  • Allow you to truly share best of breed in your organization, cool flows can be used by others
  • Allow you to download workflows that solve common problems and not reinvent the wheel

How does it work?

VIP uses components from its standard library to build logic.

VIP TestRunner

When would I use it?

Use VIP to quickly design and build interactions between interfaces or to solve complex problems that would normally require advanced programming skills.

VIP excels when:

  • You need to move information, transform it and push it into other systems
  • You need to merge, report and modify data
  • You need to build an information workflow that interacts with other systems or humans
  • You need to link together ERP systems in an easy to use and easy to change way
  • You wish to interact with AI or Rule based systems to control systems behaviour
  • You wish to spread the load of intensive processes across multiple systems

How do I use it?

You’ll be up and running in a flash. With our examples and videos, you will quickly create your own flows.

You will need a little scripting knowledge, however:

  • By starting with some common template flows you slightly modify them and bring them into your world
  • By dropping common controls onto the canvas then linking them together you can define the logic gates for most complex problems
  • You can set arguments to control the logic and invoke the flow offline, via REST or directly
  • You can expose flows inside other flows to reuse and share well-constructed logic from other users and teams

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See how easy it can be to manage some of the heavy lifting as you build new applications.

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