You know the old joke about the lost tourist asking a local for directions and the local replies: ‘Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.’ With this in mind, I would argue that every failed software project can trace its unravelling to such a moment.

Having worked in software development and testing for almost 40 years, I can tell you that no matter how illustrious the tech brand packaging the end product, the rot sets in early in IT projects. A lack of clarity in requirements, shaky assumptions made, faulty logic overlooked – all culminate in time and cost overruns.

What’s the big deal? Well billions of dollars as over half of IT projects fail to deliver. Plus, there are costs that are harder to quantify – frustration, inertia, an inability to enact positive change. This at a time when consumers and citizens expect change to be rapid and glitch-free.

So, surveying all I’ve learnt about projects over the decades, I realise that I wouldn’t start from here.


Time for a completely new (yet simple and fool-proof) approach. VIP is a canvas where you start sketching out a solution using visual logic gates, so clarity is locked in. Then you can chain together components that already exist for simple and fast assembly. Link to multiple data sources. Easily build add-ons to plug into your world.

This approach is fast, scalable and it works. In fact, as the need for speed and consistency now dominates, this is the only way to program a complex problem much faster than if you tried to “code” it.

You’ll find it is the smartest way to get from A to B.