Curiosity Software Ireland has introduced its first product, Visual Integration Processor (VIP), a highly scalable, easy to use and rapid application assembly framework.


Co-founder of Curiosity Software Ireland, Huw Price, explains: “In today’s world of plug and play, open interfaces and structured protocols, creating software should be a matter of assembling solutions.


“We have designed VIP to act as a drag and drop visual flow canvas so users can call on existing processes and chain them together, quickly assembling new applications that can plug into their world. You can grab components and program a complex problem much faster than if you tried to ‘code’ it.”


VIP users can call on a vast library of common interfaces and simply connect applications to their systems, via API, databases or messages.


Curiosity Software Ireland’s co-founder Shashank Mishra adds: “We wanted to create a simple drag and drop visual flow framework that is powerful enough to manage heavy lifting as teams build new applications. VIP does just that and we have found tasks that would have taken months are now managed in days.”