Automated and Reactive API Testing

Quickly create and maintain rigorous tests that keep up with fast-changing, complex APIs.

Test Modeller makes complex API testing simple, using a visual approach to define rigorous tests and data in-sprint. Easy-to-use flowchart models are built quickly from existing tests and specifications, charting the flow of data to every possible end-point. You can then automatically synchronise existing API tests, making the actions, objects, and assertions available in Test Modeller. Creating optimised, automated tests is then as simple as combining the automation actions and objects using drop-down menus. You can define then define data for every possible test using the same model, with a comprehensive range of dynamic test data functions that resolve during test creation for always up-to-date data.

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With Test Modeller, it is possible to test a complex API rigorously within an iteration, even when faced with thousands of possible combinations. Each automated test step and the associated data only need to be defined once, before automated algorithms combine them to compile the smallest set of tests needed for testing rigour. These tests include the negative scenarios and outliers that are often overlooked in API testing, but can cause the most severe defects.

The optimised tests are compiled using existing CI frameworks, confidently validating that a service works as intended in all possible scenarios. If the API changes, the central models can be quickly updated, regenerating all the tests and data to match the latest specification. You can rigorously test complex APIs in-sprint, without the delays of maintaining copious and complex scripts by hand.

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