Page Object Generation: Automated Test Maintenance in Minutes

Auto-generate page objects from application scans and maintain tests in minutes after the system changes. Test Modeller creates self-healing scripts that update their identifiers after an element changes, while engineers can rapidly re-scan elements after all element attributes are updated. The intelligent automation builder accelerates test automation frameworks, eliminating the bottlenecks of manual coding and automated test maintenance.

Do brittle page objects kill your automation ROI?

Automated test execution is necessary to perform the number of tests required for acceptable test coverage, while page object modelling helps reduce the amount of scripting needed to build an automation framework. However, hand-coded page objects take time to write and are extremely brittle to UI changes. Whenever an identifier changes, page objects fail to locate the element, and the automated tests fail. Test automation engineers are in turn forced to check and update their script after each change, but this is not possible within the same iteration as the change was made. Manual maintenance therefore kills off test automation ROI, all while leaving fast-changing systems exposed to costly defects.

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From page scans to page objects in a few clicks

Test Modeller removes the need to script page objects manually, while automating the maintenance of automated scripts. A page object scanner builds a repository of page objects by automatically capturing all the identifiers and logic needed for test execution. These page objects are updated automatically as the system changes or can be replaced in minutes by re-scanning elements.

One-to-many mapping of page objects and identifiers means that tests still run when one locator changes, while self-healing page objects update their own locators during test execution. If all the attributes associated with an element change, automation engineers simply need to re-scan the page element to update the central page object repository. Every test that uses that page object is made valid in minutes, avoiding the bottlenecks associated with scripting and test maintenance.

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Update test suites in minutes

Watch this short example of UI testing to see how page objects can be updated in minutes. You will see how:

  1. The Page Object scanner captures everything needed for test automation automatically, with engineers simply selecting from elements in a web form.
  2. Scanned elements are converted into automated test modules, feeding a central repository of page objects.
  3. Test Modeller automatically identifies the root cause of test failures when the system under test changes.
  4. Self-healing page objects update their own identifiers during test execution, or objects can be rescanned rapidly after a change.

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