Generate Rich Test Data and Environments On Demand

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Your testing is only as good as your data. But what about the environments? Where can tests access this data, and how?

For Continuous Testing, the ideal solution occurs in tandem: spinning up environments and data simultaneously ensures that they both align, avoiding the bugs and delays created by data/environment misconfiguration. Adding modelling, synthetic test data generation and virtual data creation to this approach furthermore augments the quality of both test data and environments, enabling complete test execution against vastly complex systems.

Making the simultaneous and augmented data/environment provisioning available on demand further removes bottlenecks and a dependency on a central team. It provides parallel access to the data and environments needed to test fast-changing systems rigorously and continuously.

On April 14th 2020, the joint Curiosity-Parasoft webinar introduced just this approach. Break the Barrier to Continuous Testing: Generate Rich Data and Environments on Demand showed how modelling and test data generation enable truly Continuous Testing, removing the delays and bugs associated with complex environments and test data creation. It demonstrated how data modelling and synthetic data creation combine with service virtualization, automatically deploying complex environments filled with rich test data on demand.

Watch the webinar and book an expert consultation to see how:

1.    Test data and virtualization occur in tandem to produce on demand environments with matching test data.

2.    Modelling recorded message data overcomes system complexity and provides the understanding needed to create environments and test data automatically.

3.    Complete virtual services and comprehensive test data maximise test quality, executing automated test suites that hit every positive and negative scenario.