HR Automation with EPI-USE Labs Query Manager™ and VIP

With VIP‘s RPA driving HR Automation, you can:
1. Perform the same HR processes, faster and better.
2. Maximize the value of your people and resources.
3. Eliminate human error in critical but repetitious tasks.
4. Avoid time wasted and errors created by manually converting information.

How? Using the power of Robotic Process Automation to optimise and accelerate repetitious business processes. With VIP‘s RPA, that means:
1. High-performance bots that perform tasks accurately across SAP and non-SAP systems.
2. Important processes performed reliably by bots that accurately mimic the work done by humans.
3. Workforces that have more time to focus on value-added work, not repeating the same manual tasks.
4. Teams that collaborate seamlessly with files, applications and tools synchronized, and less “context shifting”.

Watch this example using SAP and non-SAP technologies to see the power of Robotic Process Automation driving HR tasks.

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