Mobile Application Scanner: Build re-usable object libraries for automated mobile testing

Rapidly create page object libraries for mobile application testing, importing re-usable objects and actions to Test Modeller. Move quickly from new or updated apps to rigorous automated testing, generating optimised tests and data for a range of test automation frameworks. 

Reduce the complexity of mobile app testing

Test Modeller makes mobile testing simple, generating tests and data from easy-to-maintain flowcharts. The mobile application scanner scanner makes it easy to design accurate automated tests, selecting elements from mobile apps and importing them to Test Modeller. This rapidly generates a page object library, complete with the identifiers and methods needed to interact with mobile applications. 

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Move rapidly from app to automated tests

Test design is then as quick and easy as overlaying the scanned mobile page objects onto flowchart models. The flowcharts are quick-to-build using a range of requirements and test importers. A visual test builder makes test creation as simple as selecting from the imported objects and actions in drop-down menus. Automated coverage algorithms then generate tests for a range of open source and commerical framework, compiling the executable code in minutes. 

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Model-Based Test Automation for mobile

Testers with or without coding backgrounds can test mobile applications rapidly with Test Modeller, moving quickly from applications to automated test execution. Watch this short demo of testing an Android app using Appium to see how: 

  1. Objects can be selected quickly and easily from mobile apps, using a framework like Appium or mobile management platforms such as Sauce Labs, SeeTest and BrowserStack 
  2. Test Modeller imports the scanned mobile app objects, complete with any identifiers and tags, and any methods for interacting with them during testers. 
  3. The objects, actions and identifiers become fully re-usable as a module in Test Modeller, from where they can be overlaid onto easy-to-use flowchart models. 
  4. Powerful mathematical algorithms generate new and optimised tests from the object libraries.
  5. Code can be created for a range of homegrown and commercial frameworks, and can be generated in C#, Python or Java.

See how Test Modeller generate optimised mobile tests using the scanned page objects.