Model-Based Testing for Cypress


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Cypress is one of the fastest-growing automation technologies, at the forefront of the test automation revolution. This session will explore what happens when you combine this cutting-edge technology with a tried-and-tested methodology for maintaining tests and data in-sprint. 

Cypress VP of Engineering Gleb Bahmutov will join seasoned model-based testing inventor James Walker, offering an in-depth exploration of the value of model-based testing for Cypress. Curiosity Solutions Architect Harry Burn will also be on hand to draw on wide-reaching experience in implementing effective model-based test automation solutions.  

These technologies enable organizations to work from existing islands of quality automation, moving to enterprise-wide test automation. You can empower every tester at your organization to become an effective automation engineer. Sounds too good to be true? Come and see for yourself! 

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Key Takeaways

You will come away from this lively discussion with an understanding of the value of model-based testing for Cypress, along with practical steps for realising its value today. You will see how modelling: 

  • Automates test creation for existing frameworks, removing scripting bottlenecks; 
  • Minimises test maintenance for in-sprint regression; 
  • Ensures that every Cypress test comes with the accurate data it needs.  

A live demo will show you how visual modelling also transforms delivery practices beyond test design and maintenance. You will discover how: 

  • System designers, developers and QA teams can collaborate seamlessly from visual requirements models; 
  • Non-coders can generate tests and data from the visual models, re-using code from Cypress frameworks; 
  • Engineers waste no time copying, pasting and updating boilerplate code, focusing only on scripts for new and interesting logic;  
  • Developers and QA teams work fully in paralleldeveloping from accurate specifications and rigorously testing insprint. 

About the Speakers

Join James, Harry and Gleb to learn how you can get started with model-based testing today, maintaining rigorous Cypress test suites in the shortest iterations! 

James Walker, Director of Technology at Curiosity Software. test automation, Software testing webinar available on demand.

James Walker is Director of Technology at Curiosity Software and brings years of experience in successful software delivery. James has collaborated closely with a range of organisations to identify and resolve their QA needs and has invented several success Model-Based Testing technologies. James’ wealth of expertise will be on offer during the Meetup, including a live Q&A to help you to identify how model-based testing might be a good fit at your organisation. 

Gleb Bahmutov - Cypress Model Based Testing webinar on demand

Gleb Bahmutov is a JavaScript ninja, image processing expert and software quality fanatic. During the day Gleb is making the web a better place as VP of Engineering at At night, he is fighting software bugs and blogs about it at 

Harry Burn - Cypress Model Based Testing webinar on demand

Harry Burn is a Solution Architect who specialises in test automation and test data management. Harry has collaborated with a range of organisations, implementing effective automation across a breadth of projects. Harry’s wealth of experience will be on offer during the webinar, including a live Q&A to help you to identify how model-based testing might be a good fit at your organisation.