Rapid and Rigorous Model-Based Testing for the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF)

Rigorously and rapidly test ServiceNow applications, generating optimised tests and data automatically for the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF). Reduce manual test design and avoid test data bottlenecks, all while maximising test coverage and testing more functionality in shorter iterations with Test Modeller. 

Eradicate Test Automation Bottlenecks 

Test Modeller makes rigourous testing of fast-changing applications possible in short iterations. Model-Based, automated test design eradicates slow and repetitious test creation, while all the data needed to optimal test coverage is generated at the same time as tests. “Single Pane of Glass” automation means that optimised tests can be generated for a range of frameworks, including the ServiceNow ATF.  

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Rigorous and Rapid Test Automation

Creating tests is as quick and simple as selecting actions and objects from re-usable recipes, applying automated coverage algorithms to create the smallest set and data needed to satisfy your coverage profile. You can test more functionality in fewer tests, rapidly updating the test suite as the application changes. Simply update the model, and re-generate the tests and data – no more test maintenance bottlenecks! 

ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF)

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Test More in Fewer Tests 

Watch this short demo of testing a user registration form to see how Model-Based Test Automation can optimise and accelerate the testing of your Service Now apps. You will see how: 

  1. Test Modeller rapidly builds easy-to-use flowcharts using a range of connectors and importers, in addition to a UI Recorder. 
  2. The flowchart models map journeys through an application precisely, including the logic and data needed to simulate positive and negative scenarios. 
  3. All the test data needed to test each journey completely can be assigned to the model. Over 500 synthetic data generation functions allow you to test every positive and negative scenario, and resolve “just in time” during test creation for always up-to-date data. 
  4. Automated tests for the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF) are quick and simple to build, without the need for slow and repetitious scripting. ATF objects and actions are instead readily available in re-usable recipes, creating automated tests using an intuitive, “low code” builder. 
  5. Automated test generation avoids manual and repetitious test creation, using coverage algorithms to create the smallest test suite needed to test applications rigorously. 
  6. Multiple coverage profiles can be created in minutes, focusing automated testing on critical or high-risk functionality. You can mitigate against risk, discovering potential bugs earlier, and at less cost to fix. 
  7. The compiled automated test code can be exported to ServiceNow in a couple of clicks, creating a new test suite that’s ready to execute. 
  8. Run results are synchronised in Test Modeller, as well as across ALM and project management tools, maintaining complete visibility across DevOps pipelines. 
  9. Laborious, time-consuming maintenance is replaced by simply updating the central models, and re-synchronising the tests. 

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