Test Modeller Recognized as a “Best of Breed” innovator in Test Design Automation

The independent Market Update from Bloor Research highlights three core benefits of test design automation:

  1. Rapid test automation: Automated test creation multiplies the speed gains provided by automated test execution;
  2. In-Sprint Testing: Automated maintenance updates test suites at the “breakneck pace” of Agile development;
  3. Collaboration and Communication: Visual modelling facilitates close collaboration between technical and non-technical users.

In a report where “no product can be awarded a maximum score”, Test Modeller came pretty close.

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Test Modeller Bloor Research Analyst Ratings

A “Best of Breed” innovator

Senior Researcher at Bloor, Daniel Howard, judged Curiosity’s Test Modeller to be an “Innovator” in Test Design Automation.

Test Design Automation Bloor Vendor Comparison Modeller

“If you hope to match the sometimes breakneck pace of Agile development, you will need to be able to create new tests and update your existing tests as fast as your developers are putting out updates.”

– Daniel Howard, Bloor Research

Find out how

3 Benefits of Test Design Automation

“Test rapidly and (with the proper tooling) continuously.”

Automate change management, “updating your existing suite of tests as your system … changes.”

Facilitate “collaboration, particularly between technical and nontechnical users.”

– Daniel Howard, Bloor Research

Start Modelling

Test Modeller generates the perfect set of test cases, data and automated tests from flowchart models that are quick-to-build and easy-to-maintain:

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