UI Recording for the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF): Generate Automated and Optimised Test Suites in Minutes 

Record automated or manual test activity executed against ServiceNow UIs and automatically create accurate flowchart models of your ServiceNow applications.  Generate a set of optimised tests and data for the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF), exporting the test suite in minutes using Test Modeller. 

Accelerate Testing using the ServiceNow ATF

Test Modeller eliminates test automation bottlenecks when using the ServiceNow ATF, while maximising the rigour of your tests. UI Test creation becomes fully automated with the UI Recorder, a browser extension that captures manual or automated test activity executed against ServiceNow apps. The recordings contain all the data, user activity and message traffic needed for test automation, and are converted automatically into easy-to-maintain flowchart models. An optimised set of tests and data can then be generated automatically, using mathematical coverage algorithms to increase the rigour of your testing. 

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Eliminate Test Automation Bottlenecks

The UI Recorder wholly removes the need for manual test creation in ServiceNow, generating a test suite and steps automatically in ServiceNow. The optimised tests are executable in a couple of clicks, synchronising run results across ServiceNow, Test Modeller, and broader DevOps toolchains. Slow and manual test maintenance is also replaced by the maintenance of central, easy-to-use flowchart models.  

UI Recording for the ServiceNow ATF

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Automate ServiceNow App Testing in Minutes

With Test Modeller, you can avoid the delays of repetitious test creation, test data provisioning, and manual test maintenance, testing your ServiceNow applications rigorously in sprint. Watch this short demo of testing a ServiceNow user registration form to see how: 

  1. The UI Recorder captures all the data, activity and message traffic needed for automated testing, working invisibly as manual or automated tests are executed against ServiceNow UIs. 
  2. Precise flowcharts of the logical journeys taken through the UIs are generated automatically by Test Modeller, including all the test data and Automated Test Framework logic. 
  3. Coverage algorithms generate the smallest set of test cases needed to test models, while additional test logic can be added rapidly to increase test coverage. 
  4. Re-usable ServiceNow ATF recipes eliminate the need for manual test creation, generating automated tests for the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework directly from the flowchart models. 
  5. The optimised tests and data can be pushed to ServiceNow in a couple of clicks, generating and executing a new test suite in minutes.
  6. Run results are synchronised across ServiceNow, Test Modeller and Application Lifecycle Management tools, maintaining complete visibility across DevOps pipelines. 
  7. Completed automated test suites are maintained in minutes, simply updating the central models and re-generating the ATF tests. 

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