VIP – What is it? When would I use it? Why would I use it?

Imagine creating solutions in hours not months or years.

In today’s world of plug and play, open interfaces and structured protocols, creating software should be a matter of assembling solutions.

And now it is.

VIP provides a canvas where you can call existing processes, chain them together and create new ones to plug into your world.

Using drag and drop visual flow creation you can quickly build great new applications and solve existing issues – even the really tough ones.

That’s one framework. Solving many problems.

  • Drag and drop data components
  • Build your logic visually
  • Link to multiple data sources
  • Easily build add-ons to plug into your world
  • Run your logic directly, via a batch processor and via a REST Interface
  • Highly scalable – run processes on many machines
  • Comes with it’s own DevOps framework to supplement or replace your own
  • Callable from CI tools to help with complex system set up and test management.