VIP for Slack

VIP for Slack.  Lets you integrate any business process easily into Slack.

VIP for Slack Components.

FeatureWhat is itVideos
Manage Slack ProjectsCreate Project Templates in Excel. Fire off threads to users, channels and bots.Slack Projects
Slack ExecutorContext Switching from product to product wastes time.
Now you can expose any process to your business and technical teams.
The executor can submit any type of job, simply define it in the control spread sheet
Slack Executor
Slack MonitoringCreate regular alerts for any interaction: web, social media, apps and chats.
Fire off actions if thresholds are hit.
Automatically message customers, business and technical teams.
Slack Monitoring
Sentiment MonitoringQuickly add in sentiment analysis to your existing processes

Monitor your own and competitors social media
Monitor your customer forums – set up alerts when something good or bad happens
Add in text analysis to your internal comms
Slack Sentiment Monitoring
ChatOps - ArticleAn Article by Huw Price that discusses how to build a state of the art DevOps strategy.Professional Tester

Let Slack drive your Business - Automate your chat and IT processes

Use out of the box mappings OR create your own data synchronizations

VIP is workflow engine that contains a massive set of out of the box connectors, it is easy to set up and comes with a set of preconfigured Slack integrations.

What you get:

  • 3 x VIP Designer
  • 1 VIP Server to support batch and REST
  • The VIP Slack Apps
  • Pre-configured flows ready for most common Slack integrations
  • Bespoke support to help you set up and configure your world
  • An optional onsite workshop to help you design a world class Slack strategy

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