Curiosity Software’s Huw Price featured in Professional Tester

A guide to building a truly reactive DevOps strategy features in the current issue of the magazine.

VIP Mini-Series

Curiosity Software Ireland has launched a new YouTube mini-series where Jack goes from total beginner to VIP pro using the videos on our website.

Curiosity Software Ireland launches VIP

Curiosity Software Ireland has introduced its first product, Visual Integration Processor (VIP), a highly scalable, easy to use and rapid application assembly framework.

Curiosity Software Ireland launches

Former VP at CA Technologies Huw Price and software engineer and architect Shashank Mishra have established Curiosity Software Ireland.

I wouldn’t start from here

You know the old joke about the lost tourist asking a local for directions and the local replies: ‘Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.’

Cargo Cult Fail

Almost a decade ago, James Shore reviewed his experiences of working with teams who had adopted Agile and identified the problem of ‘cargo cult’.