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VIP for Slack.  Lets you integrate any business process easily into Slack.

VIP Sentiment Analysis

VIP Sentiment Analysis - Quickly add in sentiment analysis to monitor your customer, competitors and internal communications.

Learn to Code

VIP is a powerful Visual Programming Language - that's fun and easy to use. Coding doesn't need to be hard any more.

Just in Time Test Data

“Just In Time” Test Data

Generate realistic synthetic test data for every test, resolved "Just in Time" during execution.

Automated Test Design

Automated Test Case Design

Automatically generate the smallest set of test cases needed to rigorously test fast-changing systems.

Agile Requirements Modelling2

Agile Requirements Modelling

Accurately capture fast-changing systems and use flowchart models to drive rigorous automated testing.

Complete Test Automation

Complete Test Automation

End-to-End automation that goes beyond the execution phase.

End-to-End Automation for Advanced ETL Testing

Advanced ETL Testing

End-to-End Automation for ETL Testing that is faster, more rigorous, and less resource-intensive.