Test Data Automation

Stop managing your test data,Start automating it
  • Accurate data for every possible test
  • Find, make and prepare data as tests run
  • On tap access to compliant test data

Next generation test data management

Test Data Automation provides a simple approach to test data management, rapidly providing on tap access to the data needed for rigorous testing:


Test Data Management Configuration

Easy-to-use Excel configuration rapidly defines TDM tasks using a small set of parameters.


Test Data Management Automate

Accurate test data is prepared “just in time” during automated testing and within CI/CD pipelines.


Test Data Management Reusability

A central data catalogue prepare data sets on demand. Parallel teams pick their data and hit “play”!

Agile Test Data

Wherever you are on your TDM journey, Test Data Automation can take you to the next level.

A complete set of TDM utilities:

  • Masking removes sensitive data reliably from test data, reducing the risk of costly data breaches.
  • Subsetting builds compact data sets for faster, less resource-intensive testing and development.
  • Cloning rapidly provisions isolated data sets in parallel, removing the delays created by cross-team constraints.
  • Data generation creates the data combinations needed to detect defects earlier, and at less cost to fix.
  • Test Matching links data combinations to tests, ensuring that data remains valid and up-to-date after a refresh.
  • A central catalogue empowers QA teams to prepare the data they need, when they need it. Just hit play!
  • Unified TDM removes time-consuming siloes, preparing complete and compliant test data “just in time”.
  • End-to-end automation embeds test data preparation within automated testing and CI/CD pipelines.
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The right test data, exactly when and where testers need it

With Test Data Automation, testing and development is:


Rapid Test Data Management

Test and development teams enjoy on demand access to rich data sets, rigorously testing software in short iterations.


Rigorous Test Data Management

The data needed to achieve maximum test coverage is available on tap, detecting defects earlier, where they require less time and cost to fix.


Compliant Test Data Management

Reliable data masking and realistic synthetic data generation avoid the use of PII in testing, mitigating the risk of damaging and costly data breaches.

Automate your data

Test Data Automation embeds a complete set of TDM utilities within automated test execution and CI/CD pipelines. The unified approach to test data management is:

  • Self-service. Parallel teams enjoy unconstrained access to unique data sets, using a catalogue of test data tasks to prepare accurate data as they need it.
  • Un-siloed and unified, embedding multi-step test data preparation seamlessly within automated test execution and within CI/CD pipelines.
  • Compliant, adopting a hybrid strategy to replace masked data gradually with realistic synthetic data. Remove the risk of data breaches from QA.

Already have some TDM tools and processes? Test Data Automation is fully connected, and can incorporate existing processes within a self-service and automated approach.

Our Test Automation Solutions

Test data that makes business sense

Test data should drive business value, not be an unwanted but necessary cost. With Test Data Automation, test data fulfils core business goals:

  1. Reduce time to market: Test rigorously and develop in parallel, with accurate test data available on demand.
  1. Retain a competitive edge: Future-proof your business with constant access to the data needed to deliver new functionality earlier and at less cost.
  1. Protect your bottom-line: Increase software quality by rigorously testing systems prior to each release.
  1. Minimise QA cost: Maximise test data re-usability to avoid duplicate effort and minimize the hours spent on data.
  1. Avoid costly non-compliance: Reduce the use of PII in less secure and less managed test environments.

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