Windocks has been helping organizations with their data operations since 2015. Their unique patent pending technology treats data and database services as artifacts so they can be easily reproduced and delivered on demand. This unique technology delivers always current production data clones to SQL Server containers or instances by using transaction log backups to avoid constantly restoring full backups.

Windocks’ goal is to make it easy to get started and to integrate Windocks into existing data environments with storage systems (SANs). To that end, Windocks offer a free community edition, no-cost supported pilots on our enterprise edition, a pay as you go model, and out-of-the-box integration with storage systems such as NetApp, Pure Storage, Cohesity and others.

Windocks are a team with deep database and devops expertise on Microsoft and Linux systems on all cloud services and on-prem. The Windocks team has collectively helped hundreds of customers succeed with various software solutions over dozens of years.

Regions: Global

Specialist Areas: Database virtualization / Database cloning / DevOps / Test Data Management


A word on Windocks from our Managing Director

Huw Price, Managing Director, Curiosity Software Ireland

Within 30 minutes of speaking with Windocks, the immense value they could deliver was already clear. Not just in terms of their stellar technology, but in the experience, expertise and sheer innovation of the team. When dealing with complex infrastructure and databases, it can take vendors time to get everything setup. Not with Windocks. We were using their technology in no time and found an intuitive platform that comes with the full backing of a supportive and knowledgeable team. The technology itself also happens to be a game changer in test data, a space in which I have 30+ years’ experience. With Windocks, organisations no longer need to worry about the time and massive costs incurred when copying unwieldy copies of production databases to test and development environments. Now they can create virtual database clones in seconds, with all the flexibility of containerised deployment. Test and development teams no longer waste time configuring VMs or complex database environments, while organisations retain the visibility required to keep sensitive data safe. Add in Windocks’ integration with Test Data Automation and you get all the rich and compliant data you need, deployed on demand to containerised test environments. If you’ve not heard of Windocks, take a look: it’s affordable, it’s flexible, and it’s built for modern delivery!

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