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This Activity is for adding an item (Key and Value) to a Dictionary structure. To begin when the Activity is dragged to the VIP canvas, the user is asked to input the Key and Value .Net Data Types.

What is a Dictionary?

A Dictionary is a kind of Collection similar to a Hashtable, but provides better performance. Values in the Dictionary are stored using a Key which is generated by a function and unique to each Value.  For more information see .Net documentation about Hashtables and Dictionaries.

Add to Dictionary Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
Dictionary.Net DictionaryInputThis property specifies the Dictionary for the addition.
DisplayNameStringMiscThis property specifies the name of the Activity Box.
Key.Net Data Type (String, Int32, etc.)InputThis property specifies the Key for retrieving the new addition.
Value.Net Data Type (String, Int32, etc.)InputThis property specifies the Value associated with the Key for the addition.