SQLMask.vip Parameters

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Parameters are set to a default value which can be changed.

ParameterTypeDefault SettingNotesRequired
parActionStringSee SQLMask.vip ActionsYes
parControlExcelStringThe Control Spreadsheet mentioned in the documentation. Yes
parDatabaseTypeStringSQL SERVERSupported DBs are SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, DB2, MariaDBYes
parReportFileStringMaskReport.txtThe name of the file where the Mask report is saved. No
parCleardownReportBooleanTrueDelete parReportFile before writing to itNo
parCommandTimeoutInt600Number of seconds before a timeout happens if executed command freezes.No
parSQLActionsPathStringSQLActions.vipPath where the SQLAction.vip is located.Yes
parSampleSizeInt100Number of rows to scanNo
parListTableNameString[Masking].[dbo].[List]Name of the DB table containing seed listsYes, unless all List masking functions have UseDBFunction in the MaskingRules set to “No”
parSequenceSchema StringdboOnly if List masking functions are used with Parm1 set to “sequential”
parSequencePrefixStringCSIFor sequential list masking functions a database sequence is used names according to the table being masked, the supplied prefix is appended to the sequence name.No
parListCSVDirectoryStringSeedlistsDirectory where the Seedlists are locatedOnly if parAction is set to “InsertLists” or List masking functions are used with UseDBFunction in the MaskingRules set to “No”
parApplyUpdatesBooleanTrueUpdates are committed to the DB. If false update SQL is written to parUpdatesFile.No
parUpdatesFileStringUpdates.SQLFilename of the file that contains the Updates.No
parScanRulesLocationStringDataScannerRules.csv Filename (including path) where the ScanRules are located.Only if parAction is set to “ScanColumns” and parUseScanRules is set to True
parScanAllTypesBooleanFalseOnly the data types listed in the ScanParameters sheet are scanned. No
parAuditTablePrefixStringCSI_Auditing works by writing data to tables, these are named based on existing table names but with a prefixOnly if parAudit is set to True
parLocaleStringenApplies when using “VIP functions”. For a list of parLocale values for all languages, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/openspecs/windows_protocols/ms-lcid/a9eac961-e77d-41a6-90a5-ce1a8b0cdb9cNo
parUseScanRulesBooleanTrueApply the regexes listed in parScanRulesLocationNo
parAuditBooleanFalseWrite before and after values to .csv files in parAuditDirectory (there will be one file for each table masked). Currently only supported for SQL Server.No
parAuditDirectoryStringAuditFilesDirectory path where parAudit values are writtenNo
parOutputValuesBooleanFalseIf True post-masking values are written to parValuesDirectoryNo
parValuesDirectoryStringValuesFilesDirectory where parOutputValues are writtenNo

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