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This activity is for setting a Breakpoint in the Flow.  The activity takes as input a Boolean expression.  If set to True, the Flow will continue  if there is an error.  If set to False,  the Flow will NOT continue if there is an error.

Breakpoint Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
ContinueOnErrorBooleanInput propertyIf this property is set to True any error raised by the activity will be suppressed and control will move on to the next activity. If set to False flow execution will halt or move to exception handling logic (if activity is wrapped in Try Catch) in case of error from action.
BackgroundColourNameColour (from list)Misc propertyThe property specifies the colour of the Activity box.
DescriptionStringMisc propertyThis property specifies the description of the Activity.
DisplayNameStringMisc propertyThis property specifies the name of the Activity box.

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