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This component will copy a specific file OR a set of files in a specified folder to a new location.

This is very useful if, for example, you want the data from a job to be copied to a fixed location:

  • Copy messages into a folder for processing by consumption by a message queue
  • Copy messages into a folder for use as part of a Jenkins automation build
  • Copy messages into a folder to be synchronized into Git

Or if you want to copy a specific file to a location:

  • Upload a new file to the server
  • Prepare a job using an external tool such as Jenkins or Windocks

Flow Location


Submit through Executor Form


Use as part of models and TDA


Used in Solutions

Message Management – using a modelled csv


Call the component with linked parameters


Parameter Description Internal
parInfile A specific file name.  If this is left empty then the parSourceFolder and parSearch pattern will be used. N
parSourceFolder See above.

The name of the folder containing the source files

parTargetFolder The target folder N
parSearchPattern See above.

The search pattern of files to be copied

parOverwrite If the file exists overwrite it
parClearDownTarget Before you begin copying clear down and files matching the parSearchPattern


Output Data

parOutData will contain a list of copied files.


How to Use the component

Example: As part of a VIP Executor process, create a form to upload a new template or create a new submission form using the .json file.

This will upload an entered file to the ../template location


As part of a model

This component allows you to copy files from the working directory to specific locations.

All of the files created will be on the server in a folder linked to the job id.


When you are defining the Source Folder this will be defined as ?workdir which will be substituted by the job engine to the real location.

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