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This Activity checks if an Item is stored in the given List (Data Type). If the Item is found in the List, the Activity returns True, otherwise it returns False. When the Activity is dragged to the VIP canvas, the user is asked to input the Data Type of Item. The Item Data Type can be changed later using the TypeArgument property.

 Exists in List Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
Collection.Net ListInputThis property specifies the List to search for Item.
DisplayNameStringStringThis property specifies the name of the Activity Box.
Item.Net Data Type (Int32, String, etc.) that is the same Data Type as Property TypeArgument.InputThis property specifies the Item to be found in Collection.
ResultBooleanOuputThis property is set to True if Item is found in Collection and False otherwise.
TypeArgument.Net Data Type (Int32, String, etc.)MiscThis property specifies the Data Type of Item. When the Activity is dragged onto the VIP canvas, the user is prompted for this property.