Field Value

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This Activity is for creating a public variable object that the user expects to change over time. When the Activity is dragged to the VIP canvas, the user is prompted to input the .Net Data Type of both the Operand and the Result.  The Operand contains the Input Value and the Result is assigned the Field value of the public variable.

Example: Use this Activity if there is an object that user expects to change over time but still wants to access field values.  So to cope with Model versions, the user can use this to access the field values.

Field Value Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
DisplayNameStringMiscThis property specifies the name of the Activity Box.
FieldNameStringMiscThis property specifies the name of the public Variable.
Operand.Net Data TypeInputThis property specifies the Input Operand (which could be an Object constructor).
Result.Net Data TypeOutputThis property contains the assigned value of the public Field variable.

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