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Component Overview

Find in Excel is a multifunctional utility used to search for data from a spreadsheet. It will retrieve a list of specified columns based on an entered query.

Flow Location


Submit through Executor Form


Use as part of models and TDA


Run Standalone



Parameter Description Default Internal
parRC Y
parReturn Y
parReturnData Y
parSheet Choose the tab of your spreadsheet in which you want to search and copy its name into the box. Y
parColumns Choose the column(s) you want to output and copy them into the box. If you choose to use more than one column, separate them with a comma without including a space. Y
parMaxRows Set this value to the maximum number of rows you wish to retrieve. Y
parFilterQueries Insert a query for what you would like to find in the Excel. For example [Column1] LIKE ‘{par1}’ and [Column2] LIKE ‘{par2}’ and [Column3] LIKE ‘{par3}’ will search for rows where value Column1 = par1, and value Column2 = par2, and value Column3 = par3 from your spreadsheet. Y
par1 – parN You will need to set the values of the parameters you are using in your Query. So, for example if you want to search for outputs that have value “Test” in Column1, then you would set par1 = “Test”. N
parAPIKey APIKey Y
parHostURL Y
parMachine Y
parJobEngineWorkFolder Job Engine Work Folder Y
parRemoteExcel See figure below Y
parExcel Paste the spreadsheet location into this box. N


When  using Test Data Criteria of Excel, the Excel file will be uploaded into modeller.  The parameter parRemoteExcel will point to the location key, a GUID automatically.


Output Data

The output will display the matching rows based off your query and maximum number required.

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