Get Sequences

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Component Overview

This component will return a unique sequence number or timestamp.
You can return multiple sequences in one go and, in addition return multiple results for one sequence.

The component can also return timestamps

The component uses a connection to a back end SQL Server or Azure database to maintain the sequences, you can use SQL Manager to manage these sequences.

Flow Location


Submit through Executor Form


Use as part of models and TDA


Used in Solutions

Message Management – using a modelled csv


A single call will connect to a back end database and return the sequence and timestamp results.


Parameter Description Internal
parSequenceName The names of the sequences are separated by a comma.  If a sequence name does not exist a sequence will be created and will start returning from 1.

If you include an = with an iteration number after a sequence name a JSON list of will be returned. For example: [1078,1079,1080]

Example input list:


parConnectionString The Azure database connection string Y


Output Data

The data will be returned in the parOutData list string with each sequence separated by —

How to Use the component

In the following example we have given the component a list of sequence names.

when the component is run the values are assigned to variables.  These output variables can be assigned as input to other components.

The returned sequence variables are defined in the output parameters


The variables become inputs to other components. In this case we are assigning variables into the component Generate CSV

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