Installing the Solution

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Step 1 – add the catalogue entries to the server

The components required for this solution are included in the core TDA installation, ensure your server is up to date or contact support.  Make sure the files



Both Exists.  Theses contains the entries required to expose the solution components to modeller.

The solution catalogue entries

To install please select Profile / Automation Servers / your_server_name  then choose Add From File

The add file to server process

Complete this for both files.

If you go to the VIP Executor menu option you should see:

The menu items to create starter models

This allows you to submit stand alone jobs to the VIP Executor job engine


Step 2 – Use the wizard to make some of the components available to the Test Data Catalogue

For you to be able to interact (define and execute) some of the components you need to expose them to project object menu.  This is done by setting them up inside a Test Data Catalogue.  Modeller will then recognize them and you can drag them onto the pallet and assign variables to be passed in and out of the components.

To complete this task go to Profile / Automation Servers / your-server_name

Find the process name


Click on the

Wizard button.

Choose Create Test Criteria and select your Test Data Catalogue then use all the default values

You will need to complete the Output values as follows:

Complete this process for the following server processes:

Get Sequences
Generate CSV
Resolve CSV
Master File Controller
Copy Files To Folder


Step 3 – Make sure you have any templates in the correct location


Copy any file templates you will be using into the folder


If you wish to use a different folder, change the variable:

In the model, see later.

The components are now ready to be used.