Invoke Workflow Static

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This activity provides a means for creating  a Workflow or sub-Workflow.   It is primarily used to specify a Workflow for Parallel Tasks and Parallel Tasks-For Each. The execution of this Workflow is static so that any arguments input to the Workflow must be declared in advance.  This can be done by selecting ‘Arguments’ found at the lower left bottom of the VIP canvas.

When the Activity is dragged to the VIP canvas, a box appears requesting:

  • a Workflow File
  • Workflow Arguments

InvokeWorkflow Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
DisplayNameStringMiscThis property specifies the name of the Activity Box.
WorkFlowPathStringMiscThis property specified the Operating System path of the Workflow.
FaultException.NET ExceptionOutputThis property specifies the Exception to raise if a Fault is triggered.
isFaultedBooleanOutputIf True, a Fault has been triggered. If False no Fault has been triggered.