Invoke Workflow

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This activity provides a means for creating  a Workflow or sub-Workflow.   It is primarily used to specify a Workflow for Parallel Tasks and Parallel Tasks-For Each. The execution of this Workflow is dynamic so that any arguments input to the Workflow do not need to be declared in advance.

Invoke Workflow Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
ArgumentsList of Dynamic ArgumentsInputThis property specifies a List of Dynamic Arguments to be used as input in the Workflow.
DontWaitForCompletionBooleanInputIf this property is set to True then the completion of the workflow is not necessary. (ELABORATE ON THIS). If it is set to False, then the workflow must complete before XXX.
LogFIlePathStringInputThis property specifies the Operating Sysytem path where the LogFile is stored.
RunAsynchronousBooleanInputIf this is set to True, the Workflow runs Asynchronously, otherwise it runs Synchronously.
WorkflowPathStringInputThis property specifies the path of the Workflow.
DisplayNameStringMiscThis property specifies the name of the Activity Box
ReturnArgumentsList of Dynamic ArgumentsOuputThis property is a list of the arguments returned from the Workflow.
FaultExceptionExceptionOutput (Fault Handling)This property specifies which exception to use in the case of a Fault on Workflow execution.
IsFaultedBooleanOutput (Fault Handling)This property is set to True if a Fault is triggered by the Workflow. It returns False if the Workflow does not trigger a Fault.