Invoke Method

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Invoke Method is an action to call a method with a set of arguments.  Any .NET function can be called and a good technical knowledge is expected before using this action.

InvokeMethod Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
DisplayNameStringThis property is the name of the action.
GenericTypeArgumentsCollection of TypesInputThis property contains Generic arguments that are not defined in the method definition, but rather are provided during runtime.
MethodNameStringInputThe property is used to specify the method name.
ParametersCollectionInputThis property specifies a Visual Basic Collection object that represents the method parameters.
ResultVisualBasic ExpressionOutput If method is not void and returns a value, it will be assigned to the Result property for which a variable can be specified to capture the value for future use in the flow.
RunAsynchronouslyBooleanInputIf the value of this property is set to true, then this action will be run asynchronously.
TargetObjectVisualBasic ObjectInputAssign TargetObject a variable to invoke an instance function as opposed to TargetType which is used to invoke a static function.
TargetTypeVisual Basic TypeInput?Assign TargetType a static class to invoke a static function which doesn't require an instance.


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