Jira – Attach messages or files to linked Modeller Tests

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Component Overview

This component will read the csv (see Component Master File Controller) used to drive the creation of flat files and check to see if the path (Test case) has been linked with a Jira ID.  If it has it will attach the created file to the linked Jira Id.

Flow Location



Submit through Executor Form


Use as part of models and TDA


Used in Solutions

Optionally in Message Management Create messages using a modelled csv


The csv created by modeller will contain a column ModelPathGUID,  the component will connect to modeller and see if it has an application link to Jira.

The file also contains a column CreatedMessageFile. The component will attach the file to the linked Jira ID.



Parameter Description Internal
parJiraURL Jira URL Y
parUsername Jira Username Y
parPassword Jira Password  


Output Data

A list of attached files

How to Use the component

Set up all the default connections parameters in the flow to link to modeller and Jira and attach the process using Master File Controller or directly as a Test Data automation activity.

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