Master File Controller

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Component Overview

Master file controller is a multi-function utility that will control the creation of messages using message templates.  The utility allows for the mass creation of messages with multiple variations of templates.  The messages can be created using VIP Executor Server forms or as part of models.  It can also be used stand alone with a csv as input.

The csv input can also optionally resolve values to create dynamic parameters which will be changed each time the messages are created.

The component also allows other components to be called as part of a chain of activities.  These can be defined in a spread sheet.

Flow Location


Submit through Executor Form


Use as part of models and TDA


Run Standalone


Used in Solutions

Message Management – using a modelled csv



If you wish to add in additional components to the processing you can edit


This contains the definition of the components you wish to run.

The processes to be run by MasterFileController


To submit through the VIP Executor edit


You will need to edit the Parameter sections:

Adjust the parameters to adjust the drop downs

You can have multiple copies of this and assign them using the parameter parConfigLocation

VIP Executor – Submission

Example Parameters for submission

You can also include Master File Controller as a Test Automaton Activity

Example Master File Controller as a Post Process in a model


The Test Data Catalogue entry for Master File Controller



Parameter Description Default Internal
parConfigLocation Configuration Spreadsheet location Y
parTemplateDirectory The directory containing the templates Y
parTemplate The default template Y
parCSVFilePath The folder containing the CSVs Y
parListofTemplates A list of templates (minus the literal .template) Y
parListOfTemplatesSearchPattern A search pattern of templates in the parTemplateDirectory location Y
parModellerJobID Job ID Y
parMessageOutputDirectory Message output directory N
parFileName default Message format

The suffix will be added to message
If you include the literal testname then IF the message is being run as part of a model then the path name will be included at the start of each message.

parWorkDir Work Directory Y
parAPIKey APIKey Y
parPoolID Pool ID Y
parEnvironment Environment Short Name Y
parJobEngineWorkFolder Job Engine Work Folder Y
parCreateResolvedFile Use VIP Internal resolver Y
parHowManyofEach How many of each template to create 1 N
parMaxThreadCount Maximum Parallel thread count 16 Y
par1….par10 Specific parameters linked to templates i.e. where they are using Parameter.par1 N


Modes of Operation

The flow operates in three modes, the flow down is as follows:

  1. If the parListofTemplates has values in a JSON list these will be used to create messages.
  2. If the parListOfTemplatesSearchPattern is set, any matching templates will be used to create messages.
  3. The directory defined by parCSVFilePath will be used to search for csv files. Any files will be scanned, if the csv contains FileTemplate as a column and the column contains data then that content will define which template to use.  Otherwise the parTemplate will be used.In both case the content of the csv columns will be used to replace   nameofcsvcolumnheader values in the selected template.


Output Data

A list of files to be created.

How to Use the component

Invoke the component as part of a direct submission form or as part of a generalized workflow of components rolled up into a solution.

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