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This Activity is for creating a New Object.  When the activity is dragged to the VIP canvas, the user is asked to specify the .Net Data Type for the New Object. The user must also declare the New Object in the variables section by selecting ‘Variables’ on the lower left of the VIP canvas (see fig.).  All New Object variables must be added to the list of existing variables.  The user can also initialise the Object variable by giving it a value/s in fourth column.  If not, the system will initialise the Object by default.

New Object Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
ArgumentsCollectionMiscThis property specifies a Collection of Arguments????Ask Shash
DisplayNameStringMiscThis property specifies the name of the Activity box.
Result.Net Data TypeOutputThis property specifies the name of the new Object (as input in the variables section of VIP).