Parallel Task – For Each

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This action is used to run parallel tasks (Actions) in the context of a For Each loop. This provides a way to input the same value for each parallel task.  This action is useful to speed up processing time of the Flow when there are time-consuming actions/activities (by executing them at the same time rather than sequentially). When this action is dragged to the VIP canvas, the user is ask to input a Type (Int32, String etc.) which is the type of operator for the For Each loop.

Parallel Task – For Each Properties:

Property NameData TypeProperty TypeProperty Description
CompletionConditionVisual Basic Boolean expression.-This property defines the completion condition of the Parallel For Each Task.
DisplayNameString-This specifies the name of the action box.
TypeArgumentVisual Basic Data Type(Int32, String, etc.)-This property specifies the Data Type of members of Values.
ValuesList of TypeArgumentInputThese are the Values of Type TypeArgument that are used in the For Each loop