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Component Overview

This component can be used to take a csv file and issue a resolve and create a new version with a suffix of .resolved.csv and functions enclosed in {} will also be resolved.

The VIP Test Data stack contains very powerful data functionality.

Example data generation functions.

These can be explored using Excel and typing =datagen or =VIP. The Resolve CSV function allows you to store these functions inside a csv file and then resolve the values to static values for use by other components, for example create messages etc.

If you wished to have a random number between 1 and a 100 you could include


inside a cell.

To store the value you can enclose the value inside {} or prefix the equal sign with a quote


You can also perform Test Data Catalogue find or makes as part of the resolve

Example Test Criteria (lookup) in a Test Data Catalogue – The criteria is 183 (look in the URL)

To incorporate a look up use the following format


parTestID           Get this from the url

Other parameters are from the Input section of criteria definition


Flow Location


Submit through Executor Form


Use as part of models and TDA


Used in Solutions



The input file is converted to an output file in the same folder with a suffix .resolved.csv



Parameter Description Internal
parUseControlFile True or False
Use ResolveTheseFiles.txt – which is created by generatecsv
This contains a list of files to be resolved
parCSVFilePath The folder containing the CSVs N
parAPIURL Modeller URL Y
parAPIKey Modeller API key Y


Output Data

A list of files to be resolved.

How to Use the component

Invoke the component as part of a direct submission form or more likely as part of a generalized workflow of components.

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