Running Data Allocation as Part of your Automation Framework

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Through the Test Modeller Front End

If you only run your automation from time to time you can rerun the automation build through the front end. Go to your model and pick your automation framework, for example, generate ‘Java DataDriven’:

Run Allocation via Test Modeller

Make sure you pick the generator with ‘DataDriven’ in the name, as highlighted above, this means the server will run the allocate prior to generating any code.

You can also just execute the Data Allocate from the model using the ‘VIPExecuteDataOnly’ function:

Run Allocation via Test Modeller Execute

This will just run the data looks ups and allocation, not the automation.

Using a Batch Command Script

In the DataAllocation folder there are two command scripts to run the Allocation. These are ‘PutFlowsInMemory.cmd’ and ‘TestDataAllocate’ and are shown in the folder below:

Run Allocation using Batch Command Script

Open TestDataAllocate.cmd in an editor (notepad, notepad++, among others):

Run Allocation via Test Modeller Allocate.cmd

Within this file you need to change the parameter ‘-parPoolID’ to match with your chosen allocation pool. You can find this pool ID in the URL of the Allocated Tests page of your Test Modeller workspace. In the example below, it is 16:

Run Allocation via Test Modeller location

This ‘TestDataAllocate.cmd’ command will now allocate data in that specific allocation pool.

After this, open each of the .cmd files:

  1. Run the command script PutFlowsInMemory.cmd

Run Allocation via Test Modeller run command script

Wait until you see the prompt to continue. This puts the allocation flows into memory and prepares a channel for the command script to run.

2. Run the command script TestDataAllocate.cmd

Run Allocation via Test Modeller suite name command script

You need to enter the Suite Name of the tests you wish to allocate:

Run Allocation via Test Modeller suite name

3. Now, you can see the results of this in the first command script window you opened:

Run Allocation via command script results

The data has now been reallocated. This data can be accessed via the Test Modeller API.

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