Set-up a new server

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You can set up a new server once the prerequisite software has been installed on the Windows machine that will host it.

First, open Test Modeller on the machine on which you are setting up the execution server. Log-in and navigate to “Profile” in the sidebar menu. Click “Automation Servers”:


If you would like to create a Shared Server, click “Add Server” in the Shared Server panel. If you would like to create a Private Server, click “Add Server” in the Private Servers panel:


Provide a Name, Description, and Machine Key. These are completely custom; however, they will appear when your team members choose the server, so make sure it is memorable and intuitive.

For Shared Servers, select the “Shared Resource” option. Leave his blank for Private Servers:


Next click “choose file”. Select the spreadsheet “AutomationControllerMasteTemplateConfig.xlsx”, stored under C:\VIPExcelConfiguration\TestAutomation\AutomationControllerMasterTemplateConfig.xlsx


Click “Open” and then click “Save”. Your server will now appear in the relevant panel, either under Shared Servers or Private Servers:


You can edit the server you have created at any time. Simply navigate to “Profile” in the sidebar menu and select “Automation Servers”. Then, click the edit button for the relevant server:


You now need to point VIP to the location of the execution server, and to connect Test Modeller to VIP.

Open the Windows machine that will host the server. Then, log-in to Test Modeller, and locate the server you have created.

Click the download button in Test Modeller for your server and wait for “” to download:


Locate the file, right-click it and select “Properties”. Make sure the “Unblock” option is ticked:


Unzip the folder and copy the two spreadsheets it contains. These should be “JobScheduler.xlsx” and “VIPAutomationMessageConfig.xlsx”. Paste them to C:\VIPExcelConfiguration\Configuration . You will need to replace the two files of the same name already there:

Note: You will see “Chromedriver.exe” in the same folder. This must be kept in this folder for automated test execution to function.