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This video provides a full walk through of synthetic test data generation for SQL Server. It provides an end-to-end overview for new and experienced users of Test Data Automation. The chapter list below sets out the tutorial contents, along with timestamps. Use these timestamps to jump quickly to particular chapters during the tutorial.

Chapter list:

1. Register the database model using VIP – 0:00:57

2. Configuring the control spreadsheet

a) Overview of the control spreadsheet – 0:05:17

b) Using data generation functions in the control spreadsheet – 0:10:39

c) Using SQL Functions to query databases and using the queries in data generation functions – 0:16:10

d) Using pre-process variables to query databases and using the queries in data generation functions – 00:17:42

e) Random data generation functions – 00:21:30

f) Using add model variables to create pre-process variables – 00:22:34

g) Using parameters to set maximum and minimum value for data generation – 00:22:35

h) Overview of the types of pre-process variables and using scope & Using scope in preprocess variables – 00:25:27

i) Different methods for connecting to source databases – 00:26:23

j) Use event hooks to call VIP flows – 00:27:30

3. Generate a VIP Workflow to perform the generation – 00:31:53

4. Fixing errors and adding parameters – 00:32:52

a. Understanding and updating parameters used by VIP during generation

b. Locating errors in VIP flows and side-by-side in the control spreadsheet – 00:35:00

c. Fixing an IF Expression in VIP and the Control Spreadsheet & Using a Function Parameter – 00:36:04

d. Using a Wrap Expression to change values after generation & Using a Wrap Expression to generate new data based on previously generated data – 00:36:56

e. Update the VIP flow to implement the fixes – 00:37:48

5. Using a parameter spreadsheet to specify new parameters and run a new generation – 00:38:20