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This video provides a full walk through of synthetic Test Data Generation for SQL Server. It provides an end-to-end overview for new and experienced users of Test Data Automation.

Use the chapter list and links below to jump to lessons within the tutorial:

  1. Register the database model using VIP0:00:57
  2. Configuring the control spreadsheet
                1.  Overview of the control spreadsheet – 0:05:17
                2.  Using data generation functions in the control spreadsheet – 0:10:39
                3.  Using SQL Functions to query databases and using the queries in data generation functions – 0:16:10
                4.  Using pre-process variables to query databases and using the queries in data generation functions – 00:17:42
                5.  Random data generation functions – 00:21:30
                6.  Using add model variables to create pre-process variables – 00:22:34
                7.  Using parameters to set maximum and minimum value for data generation – 00:22:35
                8.  Overview of the types of pre-process variables and using scope & Using scope in preprocess variables – 00:25:27
                9.  Different methods for connecting to source databases – 00:26:23
                10. Use event hooks to call VIP flows – 00:27:30
  3. Generate a VIP Workflow to perform the generation00:31:53
  4. Fixing errors and adding parameters00:32:52
                1. Understanding and updating parameters used by VIP during generation
                2. Locating errors in VIP flows and side-by-side in the control spreadsheet – 00:35:00
                3. Fixing an IF Expression in VIP and the Control Spreadsheet & Using a Function Parameter – 00:36:04
                4. Using a Wrap Expression to change values after generation & Using a Wrap Expression to generate new data based on previously generated data – 00:36:56
                5. Update the VIP flow to implement the fixes – 00:37:48
  5. Using a parameter spreadsheet to specify new parameters and run a new generation00:38:20