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There are eight basic actions that can be dragged and dropped to the canvas using the mouse:

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Circular actions represent an “Event”, or something that happens rather than being performed. Rounded blocks represent an activity, or something that is done by a user or the system itself. The diamond Condition is used to create alternative paths through the flow.

The eight actions function as follow:

  1. Start: A Start event is a trigger that occurs at the start of a process.
  2. End: The End event is the event that terminates the process.
  3. Waypoint: A waypoint is used between a Start and End point in a path, and enables test automation to be overlaid at that point in the model.
  4. Task: A Task is an activity performed either by a user, or internally by the system.
  5. Subprocess: Subprocesses are used to quickly embed and re-use models within a master model.
  6. Condition: A Condition marks a fork in the paths through a systems logic, for example a decision or a point where data can be entered.
  7. Pool: Pools and lanes are used to visually divide a logical model. They do not affect the logic specified by other Actions.
  8. Note: Notes are used to add comments to a model. They do not affect the logic specified by other Actions.
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