Creating and Managing Models

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Once a project and any releases have been set up, new models can be built. These models define the test cases, test data, and test automation generated by Test Modeller. Models and test assets are linked with a given project or release.

First, select the context relevant to the project or release being worked on.

Next, navigate to the “Models” tab, under “Test Modeller”.

VIP Test Modeller_Overview of the Modeller_1

This will open the Test Modeller panel, where new models and folders can be created under project and release:

VIP Test Modeller_Overview of the Modeller_2a

You cannot create folders and models while the Context is set to “Global”. Either select a Context first, or you will be prompted to when creating folders and models.

Folders store models and page object models. They are used to manage models associated with a given Project or Release. Click “New Folder” and provide a folder name to create a new folder.

To create a new model, click “New Model” and enter a name:

VIP Test Modeller_Overview of the Modeller_3

Click “OK” and the folder or model will be created in the relevant folder.