Using a Parameter spreadsheet to specify new Parameters and run a new Generation

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Create a new spreadsheet containing the new parameters and values. Here is an example:

  • Generate Data by running the VIP Flow without the added/changed Data.
  • Look at the results (without changes) in the Database Manager such as SQL Manager.
  • Change/add any parameters you would like in the Configuration spreadsheet.
  • Specify the Parameter sheet name in the VIP Flow
  • Execute the VIP Flow with the new added Parameters.

This process allows the user to:

  • Control how many rows they want to generate based on the Parameters file
  • Control Arguments to pass using the Parameters sheet
  • Parameters can be exposed and a form can be created in the VIP Modeller which can invoke the underlying Flow to Generate the Data.

Example:  If we had to create Random Order Items for each Order then we can override our parItem_OrderItem_variable and get a Random integer between 1 and 10 and tell it to re-evaluate itself after each Order is generated, so that when an Order is generated it will re-evaluate that value and use a random value for OrderItem.