Using VIP to Create a Data Generation Flow

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Within VIP, you can create Data Generation flows that can be called within your automation framework. This article gives a step by step guide on how to do this.

Launch VIP and create a new empty flow.

Select Tools -> Accelerators -> Generate Flow for DataTable Export:

Data Gen Flow in VIP 1

Pick your Data Driving Excel file:

Data Gen Flow in VIP 2

Click ‘Process’ and save the new VIP flow, then open the flow. You will see you have created a data generation flow that allows you to generate data into that spreadsheet:

Data Gen Flow in VIP 3

Next, add the VIP flow as a Module Flow in VIP. If you need help with this, refer to the VIP server documentation.
Navigate to Tools -> Accelerators -> Export to Automation Controller -> Module Flows:

Data Gen Flow in VIP 4

This flow is now available as a VIP automation action for you to use in Test Modeller, this can be accessed in the external automation tab:

Data Gen Flow in VIP 5

Attach the VIP Excel Data publish to the model and map your data values to the VIP parameters. You can, of course, use the Data Find function to lookup appropriate values to put into the spread sheet. For example, if you need an account using Currency EUR and Country FR to ensure your drop down works correctly, create a lookup, find an account and map AccountID to the matching account parameter in the VIP flow.

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