Prerequisites and Installation

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VIP is a .NET framework that requires a Windows machine. It must be installed on the same server that will be used to run the automation.

The latest version of the VIP is available to download below. If using VIP and the VIP Server Controller in conjunction with Test Modeller, you must align the versions. Otherwise, download the “Latest” version of VIP. If using the VIP Server Controller, the versions of VIP and the VIP Server Controller must align.

Test Modeller VersionServer VersionVIP Version

To install VIP, visit the download link in your web browser. Wait for setup_VIP.exe to finish downloading.

Locate the downloaded file and open it. You might be asked to verify Curiosity as a publisher. Click Yes:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_1

This will open the VIP installer. You first need to read and accept the VIP License Agreement:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_2a

Next choose an installation location. We recommend using the default address provided:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_3a

Click “Next” and choose a location for the Start Menu Folder:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_4a

We recommend using the default folder name provided. You can also select “Don’t create a Start Menu folder” if you would prefer not to create one.

Click “Next” and specify whether or not you would like to create a desktop shortcut:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_5a

Click “Next” and review the installation options you have created:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_6a

Use the “Back” button to return and make any edits necessary. Click “Install” and wait for the installation to complete.

Click “Finish” once the installation is complete:

VIP_Introduction_Prerequisites and Insallation_7a