Copy the Requisite Files into a Subset folder

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As discussed in the process overview, data subsetting is one of Test Data Automation’s high-speed TDM utilities. A generic VIP Workflow performs a range of Subset Actions that are defined in the Control Spreadsheet. The Actions are customisable, with a range of variables that can be defined in an associated .cmd script.

The following requisite files are therefore needed to define and perform the Subset Actions:

  1. A blank Basic Control Spreadsheet that points the VIP workflow to the database that will be modelled and subsetted.
  2. The automated workflows used to perform the Subset Actions. These are made up of:
    1. Two .vip TDM workflows that execute the Subset Actions:
    2. The .DLL File associated with the automated Workflows:
      1. VIPSubset.dll
    3. The standard script used to execute the Subset Actions. This script can be edited for each Action. You also can create and rename several scripts for several, easily re-usable Actions.
      1. Subset.cmd
    4. The PutFlowsInMemroy.cmd and associated FlowCache.txt

You can download the files here. First create a folder for your Subset job and copy all the files to it:

Data Subsetting

If you do not have licensed copies of the above files, please email your Curiosity account manager.

It is recommended that you create a folder for each individual Subset. Maintaining individual folders per Subset enables better management of your TDM artefacts. It helps to avoid them being edited or lost, and also enables you to quickly and easily repeat TDM jobs in future.

You might additionally incorporate a file structure where TDM tasks are stored under folders for individual Databases or Schemas.