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The .cmd script can be run from Command Prompt, or can be executed simply by double clicking it. Each time a script is run, two outputs will be created:

  1. A Log File
  2. A Subset Report.

The Log file will be created in the “Output” folder. The “Output” folder is created automatically by the automated Subset Action, and is in the directory specified by the  -logDir= parameter.

The “Output” folder stores only the latest log file. If you run multiple scripts using the same directory, the automation will automatically create an “output_archive” folder:

Data Subsetting

Logs are useful for checking that an Action has been performed successfully. They provide an overview of the steps performed as part of each Action, and the parameters from the Control Spreadsheet that informed these actions. If you subsequently edit your Control Spreadsheet, log files in your “output_archive” folder therefore provide a history of past Subset Actions.

The below example shows a Log File after the TABLES and GETKEYS action have been run:

data subsetting

Actions produce different logs. Information is therefore provided for each Log in the Knowledge Base articles relevant to each Action.