Overview of the Advanced Control Spreadsheet

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The following sheets will have either been contained in the initial Basic Configuration Spreadsheet, or will have been created when the Basic Subset Actions were run.

Sheet NameContainsEditable?Effect of Editing
ConfigurationDisplays the database connection, source and target databases and schemas, max rows, max iterations and substitution parameters.YesSee the previous Knowledge Base article on the Configuration sheet.
FOUNDCRITERIADisplays any FoundCriteria, used to define when the Subset should finish.YesSee the previous Knowledge Base article on the FOUNDCRITERIA sheet.
SQLCRITERIAContains the criteria used to produce the Subset results.YesSee the previous Knowledge Base article on the SQLCRITERIA sheet.
ForeignKeysDisplays the Foreignkeys that have been read from the source database.YesToggle Foreign Keys that will be read in future Subsets.
SoftKeysDisplays any “Soft” Primary Keys that were set for the Subset.YesSee the previous Knowledge Base article on the SoftKeys sheet.
TablesDisplays the metadata that has been read from the source database.YesToggles the source tables from which metadata will be read during the Subset.
RuleListThis sheet contains the rules to drive subsetting. These rules are formulated automatically from the user-defined parameters, maintain consistency and referential integrity.NoSee the previous article on the RuleList sheet.
ProcessModelThis sheet contains the model used to drive the Subset. It is populated by information in the RuleList and SQLCriteria sheets.YesSee the previous article on the ProcessModel sheet.
SubsetResultsThis sheet displays the number of rows during Staging and the number of rows added to each Schema.NoSee the previous article on the SubsetResults sheet.
HashCodesThe sheet holds hashcodes for the SQLCriteria, Tables, ForeignKeys and SoftKeys sheets. If any of these has changed since the last BUILDMODEL action was run, the ProcessModel sheet might then be out of date.NoThe automation uses the HashCodes sheet to validate that the database model is still valid and up-to-date.
Identity ColumnsThis sheet is populated with the Identity Columns retrieved from the Source Database. NoThese Identity Columns are used by subsetting actions to insert data into the target tables.

These sheets will all feature in the Control Sheet following a Basic Subset Job:

Test Data Subsetting Advanced Control Sheets

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