Prepare your Staging Database

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The PREPENV (“prepare environment”) action creates the tables and indexes in the Staging Database.

To perform PREPENV, first specify the mandatory parameters in the .cmd script you are using to perform your Subset. The mandatory parameters are:

  1. The Database Type.
  2. The location of the flow that will execute the Subsetting;
  3. The location of the Basic Control Spreadsheet
  4. The Actions that will be executed.

If you have already configured a .cmd script for one Subset Action and wish to edit and re-use that script, you should only need to specify “PREPENV”for  -parAction=””.

For example:

Data Subsetting

Otherwise, configure all mandatory parameters in the .cmd script.

You can also specify optional parameters at this stage. parPrepenvAllTables might be relevant at this stage.

Make sure your Control Spreadsheet, the Subset Report, and any Log Files are closed.

Run the script.

Check your log file and make sure that the PREPENV completed without errors:

data subsetting

Finally, check your Subset Report to check that the PREPENV has run successfully:

Data Subsetting

If you notice a mistake or error, you will need to Drop and Re-Register your Tables.