Put Flows in Memory

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The first thing to do before performing the Subset Actions, you need to run the “Putflowsinmemory.cmd” script. You should have copied this to your Subset folder earlier:

Data Subsetting

Putflowsinmemory.cmd places the workflows used by VIP to execute the Subset Actions in memory. This increases the speed of Subsetting.

First, open the PutFlowsInMemory.cmd script. You need to specify the location of FlowCache.txt or the variable


For example:

Data Subsetting

Next, edit FlowCache.txt. You need to specify the location of the VIP workflows that will be used to perform the Subset Actions:

  1. SQLSubset.enc.vip
  2. SQLActions.enc.vip

Specify the directory for each on separate lines. For example:

Data Subsetting

Next, double click “Putflowsinmemory.cmd” in your file explorer to open command prompt and run the script. You will see the name of the machine on which you are creating the server:

Data Subsetting

The script might take several minutes to run, depending on processing power. When it has finished you must see:

Successful PutFlowsInMemory

Note: You run PutFlowsInMemory and leave the PutFlowsInMemory window open whenever performing Subset Actions.