Test Modeller

Deliver with confidence, test with agility
  • Eradicate manual and automated testing bottlenecks
  • Detect more defects first time round
  • Rigorously test fast-changing systems

Model-Based Test Automation

Test Modeller generates:

  1. Clear and complete specifications that reduce costly bug creation.
  2. Optimised test cases to catch more defects first time round.
  3. Compliant test data for every test,  available when testers need it.
  4. Rigorous automated tests that can be executed across open source, commercial, or homegrown frameworks.

Rigorously test complex applications

Rapidly build flowcharts using a range of importers and accelerators, and automatically generate optimised test cases, comprehensive automated tests, and complete test data.

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Enterprise-wide test automation

Automation engineers maintain coded frameworks, exporting actions and objects to Test Modeller. There, anyone can automate using a drag-and-drop approach.

Test Modeller lets you:

  • Keep up with fast-changing systems, updating test cases, automated tests and data automatically as the easy-to-maintain models update.
  • Accelerate the end-to-end QA process using Robotic Process Automation to introduce high-speed bots that mimic the processes that slow testers down.

Deliver higher quality software, on time and within budget

Test Modeller makes testing complex systems simple, enabling you to automate more, automate fast, and automate accurately.

With Test Modeller, testing complex systems is:

  • As sophisticated as your systems, quickly chaining together re-usable and customisable tests and data to create end-to-end tests.
  • Reactive to change, avoiding repetitious manual test maintenance and complex data refreshes.
  • “Single Pane of Glass”, generating tests for a range of commercial, open source, or homegrown automation frameworks.

Transform your delivery lifecycle

Test Modeller generates optimised tests and data for every type of test on the testing pyramid, with support for the technologies and delivery techniques you want to adopt.

Test Modeller accelerates and optimises your:

  • Test Automation Adoption, rapidly increasing automated execution rates by generating and maintaining rigorous tests from easy-to-use flowcharts.
  • Behaviour Driven Development, importing Gherkin scenarios automatically to easy-to-maintain models and generating rigorous automated tests.
  • UI Testing, using a UI recorder and object scanner to build models rapidly from scratch, generating optimised tests that fully cover the logic behind user interfaces.
  • ETL and Database Testing, modelling complex data transforms as complete flowcharts, executing automated tests and data for every data combination.
  • API Testing, modelling complex APIs accurately using a simple visual approach, before chaining the models together to test every distinct combination of call and data rigorously.
  • Performance Testing, rapidly creating rigorous tests for a range of open source and commercial frameworks, for complete stress and load testing.

Design, develop and test fast-changing systems

Complete designs, tests and data update with easy-to-maintain models:

The VIP Test Modeller
  1. Existing tests and requirements are imported to continually maintain Agile requirements, using a UI Recorder, Page Object Scanner, and subject matter knowledge to fill out any missing logic.
  1. The smallest set of test cases needed to “cover” the requirements model is generated, using reliable mathematical algorithms to test more in fewer tests.
  1. Test data for every possible test is defined using over 500 dynamic data generation functions, and resolves “just in time” during test execution.
  1. Re-usable automation logic is harnessed from a shared repository, enabling anyone to generate automated tests for execution across platforms and frameworks.
  1. Information is kept aligned automatically across Application Lifecycle Management and Continuous Delivery tools, using Robotic Process Automation to keep everyone up-to-date.
  1. Automated tests, data, and test cases update automatically after the central models are updated to reflect the latest change requests.

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