Test Modeller

Rigorous testing in-sprint, quality with every release
  • Generate tests, automation and data from easy-to-use flowcharts
  • Detect bugs earlier, fix them faster and for less
  • Collaborate to build the right system first time round

Quality software, delivered faster

Product owners, testers and developers collaborate from easy-to-use flowcharts, delivering fully tested systems in short sprints. With Test Modeller:

  1. Clear and complete specifications reduce costly bug creation.
  2. Optimised test cases catch more defects first time round.
  3. Compliant test data for every test is available when testers need it.
  4. Rigorous automated tests can be executed across open source, commercial, or homegrown frameworks.

Confidence in every release

Automate more, faster and accurately

Eradicate time spent on unnecessary scripting, auto-generating scripts and data from quick-to-build models. Avoid maintenance bottlenecks, regenerating scripts in one click for in-sprint testing.

Communicate, collaborate, automate

Collaborate from one vision, with BAs, testers and developers working from shared models. Maintaining living documentation of changing systems minimises frustrating rework. Bugs are caught earlier, ensuring release quality and reducing defect remediation time and cost.

Delay-free data for every test

Parallelise testing and development, with on tap data and no constraints or delays. Find and create the data your tests need as they run, eradicating test data bottlenecks.

The perfect test suite, built for you

Auto-generate rigorous test suites from visual models, replacing slow and manual test design. Export test suites to test management tools, without inputting test steps one-by-one.

In-sprint test automation

Test Modeller allows every in cross-functional teams to use their favourite tools, collaborating from intuitive flowcharts to design, build and rigorously test complex systems.

Test Modeller lets you:

Deliver higher quality software, on time and within budget

Test Modeller makes testing complex systems simple, enabling you to automate more, automate fast, and automate accurately.

With Test Modeller, testing complex systems is:

  • Simple, using an intuitive drag-and-drop approach and a range of accelerators to generate tests from visual flowcharts.
  • As sophisticated as your systems, linking together visual flowcharts to generate rigorous scripts and data for end-to-end testing.
  • Reactive to change, updating central visual flows instead of maintaining mountains of repetitive test cases, scripts and data.
  • Collaborative, with designers, developers and testers building requirements, code and tests from the same visual flows.

Transform your delivery lifecycle

Test Modeller generates the perfect set of test cases, data and automated tests from flowcharts that are quick-to-build and easy-to-maintain.

Test Modeller accelerates and optimises your:

  • Test Automation Adoption, with coders and non-coders generating rigorous tests for existing frameworks, collaborating to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.
  • UI Testing, rapidly building flowcharts and automated tests using a UI scanner, maintaining the quality and innovative experience that your users expect.
  • API Testing, importing API specifications to build visual flows and end-to-end test scenarios, taking full advantage of the speed and flexibility provided by APIs.
  • ETL and Database Testing, modelling complex data transforms as visual flows, generating tests to ensure that back-end systems support critical operations.
  • Behaviour Driven Development, collaboratively modelling Gherkin feature files to generate the specifications, tests and glue code needed for effective BDD.
  • Performance Testing, generating load test scripts that cover a wide-range of workloads, ensuring that systems perform in diverse production conditions.
  • Mainframe testing, maintaining “living documentation” of the systems businesses rely on, generating scripts to test them rigorously before each release.
  • Migration testing, generating tests for legacy and migrated components from the same visual flows, iteratively testing to de-risk moves to cloud and web.
  • Low code application testing, converting application scans into visual flows and generating the tests needed to match the speed of low code development.

A "best of breed" innovator

Independent analysts Bloor Research scored Test Modeller ahead of the pack in Test Design Automation.

Senior Researcher, Daniel Howard, judged Curiosity’s Test Modeller to be an “Innovator” in Test Design Automation, highlighting three core benefits of test design automation:

  1. Rapid testing: Generating test cases and automated tests multiplies the speed gains provided by test automation frameworks.
  2. In-Sprint Testing: Automated change management updates test suites as systems change.
  3. Collaboration: Visual modelling facilitates close collaboration, “particularly between technical and nontechnical users”.

In a report where “no product can be awarded a maximum score”, Test Modeller came pretty close. Read the full report to learn more.

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